Coming Soon: A new website!

We're (finally) making a new website!

It's got information about all of our projects, leaders, and history, and of course details about how to get more involved and keep track of everything Slow Food in and around Madison. And it's coming very soon.

Meanwhile, if you need to get in touch, try one of these:

Use the "mailing list sign-up" on this page to get our announcements.

Or, follow one of the other links to Facebook, Twitter, or email us at

If you are trying to reach Slow Food UW, our colleagues who operate on the University of Wisconsin campus, and have Family Dinner Nights, Slow Food CafĂ©, etc, you must contact them directly via their website here.

Finally, if none of those work for you, we do have a voicemail box to accept calls and sms. Call or txt us at (608) 616-0736 and we'll get back to you.