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First Annual Zymology Fest


“the area of applied science related to fermentation”


This 5 session “festival” is a series of workshops where you’ll learn the science behind fermentation as well as gain practical, hands on experience with making fermented foods.

The 5 fermentation workshops are:

  • Vegetable (curtido, sauerkraut, many more)
  • Dairy (yoghurt, kefir, cheese)
  • Grains (sourdough, injera)
  • Nonalcoholic Beverages (kombucha, kvass, more)
  • Meats, legumes, and more

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The instructors are:

Branden Byers

Branden Byers is a fermentation generalist willing to try and taste anything and everything fermented (with a special place in his heart for heirloom yogurts). He is the host of a weekly program called FermUp – The Fermented Food Podcast. Any health benefits of fermented foods are a welcome side-effect, but it is the taste, experimentation, and DIY fun that inspires Branden’s enthusiasm for fermented foods. You can learn more about Branden and his fermented ideas at


Trevor Brown

Trevor will be leading the sourdough course. Trevor has been baking sourdough bread for many years and is passionate about experimenting and teaching others the joy of sourdoughs.  He is on the board of Slow Food Madison and has taught about both east (injera) and west sourdough bread making at Madison Food Camp.


Madee Hartjes
Madeline Hartjes is an avid herbal enthusiast who discovered kombucha five years ago and eagerly began making her own. She blends each batch with nutrient rich and gently medicinal herbs to maximize the health benefits of drinking kombucha. Madee drinks her own home-brew daily, and finds that it quenches her thirst, clears her head, and always satisfies any random cravings. When not brewing she can be found mixing drinks at the Heritage Tavern, or spending time with her fiancé and their 18 month old baby boy.