Slow Food Madison is a local chapter of Slow Food USA, which is itself a member of Slow Food, the international organization based in Italy. For those of us who live in the US, we become members in Slow Food USA.

When you become a member you join a growing network of people dedicated to celebrating and preserving the amazing bounty of local, seasonal and delicious foods and food traditions around the country.

Benefits of Membership

Members are the heart of the Slow Food Movement. By becoming a member you help us move towards a more delicious and sustainable future as you support and further the growth of local, national and international programs.

When you become a member, your voice will be added to those of more than 6,000 individuals in the USA, and 80,000 worldwide, who are committed to changing the food system for the better. Slow Food is the only organization that celebrates the delicious tastes of our nation, honors the unsung heroes of our tables, and brings together those committed to making a difference in our food system.

Where Do My Membership Dollars Go?

Membership dollars are used at the National and International scale to support staff and ongoing projects like the "Ark of Taste" and school gardens. You can read all about that on the national website.

Slow Food International uses their percentage to help open new Slow Food offices around the world. There are currently over 800 chapters in 50 countries with seven national offices. With your support, Slow Food continues to establish new offices and chapters, increasing our body of members and strengthening our international community.

Your dues also support development of the movement here in the US, including the development of new chapters. On average 40 chapters open each year, and that number is growing! Slow Food USA provides support to existing chapters and networks all 300+ leaders to share their wealth of knowledge and experience enabling chapters to become even stronger and reach farther into their communities.

Your annual membership is important to keeping Slow Food alive. We thank you for your continued support, contribution, and communal enthusiasm.

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By Phone

Call the National office at (718) 260-8000

By Mail

Download the Membership Brochure and mail it back.


If you would like to renew your membership, call Slow Food USA at 718-260-8000 or email

Learn More

You can learn more about what it means to be a Slow Food member on SlowFood USA’s site.